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Investors! Our i3 Incubator is gaining momentum.

Do not be left behind...

i3 Incubator, our internal incubator, is gaining some real momentum!

Since we decided to launch i3, we have continued to focus on innovation that can be monetized. And we are there.

The Overall Incubator

Our vision for i3 is to originate, develop, and commercialize IP that we originate. When you get a glimpse at what we are creating, it is what some would call enough for a conglomerate. The areas of interest are in vast industries and sectors, all having significant value proposition. We would not be exaggerating to say the ideas are worth billions $$$.

Open To Meetings

We are the phase of development with our overall i3 Incubator that we are open to schedule meetings with potential investors.

To schedule a meeting, contact us here.

Thank you for the continued interest by all those we have spoke with thus far.


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