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Growers. Sustainable alternative to peat moss.

We are looking out for you, your plants, and the planet with our industrial hemp material and products

Many many growers use peat moss, and it has been going on for years. But, what is the cost?

We want to explore this further as a resent article with research provides clear evidence of why growers of all scale should be looking to our industrial hemp material as a replacement to the peat moss. Below we will provide details.

We have been working with hemp in all of the ways possible, and continue to find out just how great the industrial hemp fiber is.

Peat Moss. Pros. Cons.

Let us look at peat moss, and what it is compared to our industrial hemp fiber materials.

What is peat moss?

  • It is a soil additive to facilitate the growth of a number of plants.

  • It is a common ingredient in bagged soil.

  • It holds water pretty well and it does not decompose quickly.

Now, let us consider the environmental cost, or impact.

  • It takes thousands of years for a peat bog to develop.

  • Once gone, you can not quickly replace it.

  • Harvesting peat releases carbon into the atmosphere and destroys peat bogs.

{The peat industry is facing a dwindling supply, as well as potential new sale restrictions: many countries have passed or proposed legislation banning the sale of peat to garden consumers, owing to these environmental impacts. Currently, most peat sold in the United States is harvested from bogs in Canada, which is considering similar restrictions.}

Source article link provided here.

A look at industrial hemp

An ongoing SARE grant has been studying the use of hemp hurd as an alternative to peat. Consider the following findings thus far, and ask yourself "why am I not trying hemp yet".

What is hemp hurd? It is the inside of the hemp stem, the thick woody core.

Environmental Benefits to consider.

  • Reduces huge amount of waste from the hemp industry.

  • Reduces need for peat harvesting.

  • Sequester carbon as it grows.

  • Can grow multiple harvests per year.

  • Grows indoors or outdoor.

  • Sized same as peat it may provide similar growing effects.

The initial trials of research from the professor working with the SARE grant are promising.

{“The results have been pretty promising,” Lubell-Brand says. “With our studies with greenhouse crop petunia, we found that you can replace the peat up to 66% … and still produce a similar market-quality plant, in the same amount of time, with the same fertility.”}

When you consider that "66%" of the peat replaced is showing promise, imagine what more can be done!

This is a very exciting number to consider for managers of grow operations as there is significant improvements that can be achieved by using our industrial hemp fiber materials in your grow operations. And our custom operation has the sizing capabilities to get you what you need now.

Get in touch with our team at 4E Distribution to learn more and order. We look forward to working with you in making this change to industrial hemp fiber materials.

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Apr 26
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Calling you Monday to discuss this for our operations. Thanks for letting us know.

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