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4E Distribution

4E Distribution is proud to offer top quality products directly from us and our manufacturing partners to you, your family, and your business.

We specialize in all natural, sustainable, and innovative products.


Sales available to individuals, commercial businesses, wholesalers, and retailers.

Get in touch with us today to order.

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Good4ya Products

"Good for you, and the environment around you."

  1. All natural alcohol free cleaning and disinfecting products that are odorless

  2. Cannabinoid Therapy compliant bottles containing CBD, CBG, CBN, and more cannabinoids plus terpenes derived from hemp flower.

These products can ship easily direct to you with easy payment process.

Contact us today to order. 


Hemp Derived Consumables

4E has been at the forefront of the licensed hemp industry:

  1. Hemp cultivation

  2. Licensed GMP extraction operations

  3. ODA licensed bottling facility

Now, the consumer ready products are available to you to purchase as well as resell.


Contact us today about your needs. 


Sustainable Fiber Products

We know the hemp plant has so much to offer, and with our commitment to create value from every aspect of the plant in a sustainable way, we now offer a line of products manufactured from hemp fiber. Industries served include but not limited:

  1. Agriculture

  2. Livestock

  3. Construction

  4. Domestic Pet

  5. Vertical Farm

  6. Landscape

  7. Food Packaging

Wholesale, commercial, and industrial accounts are welcome. Contact us today. 

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