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About Us

4E Enterprise LLC, An Impact Holding Company, originated from the vision of innovative, talented,  and passionate people. Our owners have been at the forefront of major trends in business,  innovation, true sustainability, business development, and human resource management since the early 2000's. "Our experience comes from doing, not just talking". 


This Impact Holding Company is a vehicle for us to stay true to our core philosophy of providing Good Businesses, With Purpose.

Our Cores Values

Integrity In All We Do

Keep Good Communications

Commit to Natural

Innovation Is A Must

Give Back Intentionally

Make Positive Impact

Always Be Genuine

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to providing the best products and best services to our customers and our clients. We work to add value to our partners in multiple ways. Our robust businesses deliver quality each time, while providing excellent customer service every step. 

Giving Back

Our businesses are combined with our passions through 4E CaresThe business you do with us, helps us give even more. We call it a #360WIN

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