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About Us



4E Enterprise LLC originated from the vision of innovative and passionate people who care about People The Planet & The Plant.

We are a family owned small business headquartered in Troutdale Oregon. 4E offers Good Businesses With Purpose through 4E Enterprise, an Impact Holding Company managing diverse assets. Our core values are referenced in our logo as we are authentic and transparent. 

Since the early 2000's, 4E has been at the forefront of major trends in business innovation, community development, waste to energy deployment, alternative therapy formulation, unique content aggregation and production, emerging hemp revolution within agribusiness, all natural product manufacturing, true sustainable developments, and long term forecasting for strategic planning.  

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to providing the best products and best services to our customers and our clients. Focus is on delivering quality each time, while providing excellent customer service every step. 


4E Enterprise asset portfolio includes:

1) 4E Consulting offering Business Services+ 

2) Neo Media Group providing content creation services

3) 4E Distribution distributes products direct to you

4) i3 developing innovation in many areas

4E always remains true to the idea of Good Businesses, With Purpose. We continue to work to develop solid relationships. Our Motive Is Our Mission. 

How can we earn your business today? 

Giving Back

We combine our business with our passions to help others. 4E Cares.  

And gives back by supporting our Legacy Partner V for Victory Organization. 

Business we develop with you will help others.  

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