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Incubator of Innovative Ideas (i 3), is where the life of experiences combines with inspiration to create. 4E has been conducting research and development for years, now time to deploy. 4E was built off the same passion and it continues with our (i 3) vision of achieving innovation thru collaboration. This is key to what we can do. And key for the future. 

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BEFORE BIODIESEL - Founder Paul Peterson owned and operated a recycling business immediately following college. One of his restaurant clients asked about servicing the waste cooking oil once it had been used. This opportunity gave Peterson and fellow innovator Oren the idea to develop dual vehicle fuel systems for diesel vehicles. It worked great! And 2008 it paid off. 



One Person's Trash - Technology evolutions taken from WWII tech had 4E partners mining landfills in the late 2000's. Peterson was partnered with a biotech scientist who was funded by DOE multiple times to deploy technology systems that could convert organic matter to energy rapidly, repeat, and on commerical scale. 

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Image by Matteo Paganelli



What can't hemp do? Most look at hemp as a thing of the past. 4E looks at it as the way of the future. That is why HempWorx has been established, to explore the ways hemp can be used. We have known about overal potential medicinal benefits, DYI hempcrete, but why no commercialization? HempWorx is moving toward commercial ready hemp based products. And tools too. Stay tuned.


B2D Solutions

Customers want to know more about what they are buying. This has never been more true. For one reason or another visibility has been limited. B2D has a Solution! It takes a proven tech and uses it in a new way. More to come soon. 

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