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Incubator of Innovative Ideas

Our internal incubator is where vision meets a get it done attitude. We develop innovative products, services, concepts, and processes.

4E has been ahead of the curve for decades, and looks to continue that with i3. Our goal is to commercialize with licensed partners so the value gets to the world. 

"Believe in the vision, and let us share in the results!"

- Paul Peterson

Investment Opportunities

i3 is currently open to discuss investment opportunities as we are creating real value that you will want to be involved. Current incubations have an early stage $19B market value.


Investors, high net worth individuals, asset managers, manufacturing partners, and distributors are encouraged to reach as there is tremendous value in i3.


Contact us and we can schedule a meeting about how to bring i3 Innovation to the world. 

Examples of Innovation

Below are some examples of the innovation i3 has been involved, and current incubations.

Used Cooking Oil. UCO


BEFORE BIODIESEL - Founder Paul Peterson owned and operated a recycling business immediately following college. One of his restaurant clients asked about servicing the used cooking oil (UCO) once it had been used. This opportunity gave Peterson and fellow innovator Oren the idea to develop dual vehicle fuel systems for diesel vehicles. It worked great! And 2008 it paid off. 


ONE CITY'S TRASH - Technology evolutions taken from WWII technology had 4E partners mining landfills in the late 2000's. There were partnerships with biotech scientists funded by DOE multiple times to deploy technology systems converting organic matter to energy rapidly, repeatable, and on large commercial scale using pyrolysis. 


Now 4E Consulting has vast experience in renewable energy, alternative energy, and working on sustainable energy concepts with other i3 partners. Expert experience in: swm, agribusiness, c&d, FOG, biosolids for biogas, anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis, WWTP, and Waste to Energy.

Get in touch today to learn about projects we have identified as well as hire us to consult on your project.

W2E. Waste To Energy. Closed Loop System
Hemp Plant. HempWorx


WHAT CAN HEMP DO? Most look at hemp as a thing of the past. 4E looks at it as the way of the future. That is why HempWorx has been established to explore all the ways hemp can be used. We have known about overall potential medicinal benefits, DYI hempcrete, but why no commercialization?


HempWorx is moving forward with commercial ready products developed by us and our manufacturing partners Terrafibre and HempWood. Those products include hemp derived products using hemp fiber, hemp flower, and more of what the plant offers. Who is ready?

B2D Solutions

FOR TRANSPARENCY SAKE. Customers want to know more about what they are buying, how is was made, what is it made of, and who made it. For one reason or another visibility has been limited. i3 is working to bring B2D Solutions forward so you, see things clearer! This takes a proven tech and uses it in a new way. Get in touch to know more. 

B2D Solutions. i3 Innovation
LED Flashlight

Flashlight Cap

ALL FLASHLIGHTS ARE NOT THE SAME. For many years the standard flashlight has been the only option. It uses lots of batteries, is bulky, and is not available to everyone. Then, new led flashlights became the thing but they still have high limits. What if I told you that we have a flashlight design that can operate off "dead" batteries that are usually discarded? Now, I am happy to say we are in development phase of an innovative flashlight design that requires low energy (batteries that don't work elsewhere) and is easy to carry in your pocket.


Get in touch as we are seeking manufacturing partners to help us take this to the world!

Clothing Innovation


Our team has varied history of athleticism, and to that we have been incubating an idea for athletes, and the general public. We have made great progress and now look to launch. Stay tuned to our blog for more information to come. 

Fashion Illustrator
Jewelry Appraiser

Jewelry World

JEWELRY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. The newest incubation for us to introduce is a genuine disruptor. It is an innovation to the jewelry world like you have never seen. And we are ready to bring it forward, as the sustainability is off the charts. Just wait...


Get in touch as we are offering investment opportunities!

FinTech Done Right


The credit system has room to improve, and we want to improve it. This incubation will be a win win win for all involved. And the best part, the parts are already in place. We are connecting some dots. Get in touch to learn more.

Business Consultation
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