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4E Consulting & Coaching

Business Services+ 

"Believe in your vision, and get others who can add to it"

- Paul Peterson

Are you thinking of starting a business?

Does your current business need a fresh set of experienced eyes?

Maybe you are an executive with a good team, but you want another perspective.  

We offer executive level business consulting and coaching services customized for your business needs. These services coupled together, for real success. And our experience is beyond most large firms. 

Areas of Expertise


Hydrocarbon Extraction

Construction (Alternative Wood Products)


Renewable & Alternative Energy Development

Multi Media Content Production

Sustainable Solid Waste Management 

Business Consulting Services:

Develop more value using our extensive experience & processes. We work with startups, small businesses, strategic partners, and investors. Decades of experience, at your fingertips.

Benefits of Hiring Veterans:

We help your business understand the full scope of benefits in hiring Veterans. There is great value in knowing this resource potential. Get in touch to learn more.

"Your success, is our goal!"

Schedule An Appointment Today.


Coaching Services

We focus on the professional, and the person here at 4E Consulting & Coaching.


Our years of experience in business, organizations, and life have given us a sound foundation to draw from with

our Coaching Services.

We offer one on one as well as team coaching.

Personal or Professional,

"We can help get you centered."

It is easy to get started, and we offer affordable rates. We schedule time, you complete our liability waiver and consent form, and then we start.

Contact us today to schedule time.

Nathan, OR

"I thought I knew my business inside and out, but when I hired 4E Consulting they made me see things I was missing." 
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