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"We gots the goods..."

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Work with clients on defining appropriate equipment & products for their needs

Supply products to support medical and adult markets for healthy public!

ASME Certified and UL Listed CO2 and Ethanol extraction systems made in USA


4E Enterprise is a holding company managing assets in and around the cannabis & hemp industry. Those assets  include:

  • 4E Consulting LLC - supply extraction equipment manufacture direct to commercial business, cannabis & hemp industries

  • NEO HEMP COMPANY - marketing partner of cGMP extraction lab offering hemp derived products in bulk to the market

  • NEO Media Group - independent media producer of quality content, ALL things NEO (new)

    • NEO420 News - source for ALL information & news related to cannabis & hemp from trusted sources to 1 page 

    • NEO420 Garden - "Appreciating the finer strainz in life" with great images of our flower & others who are doing it right!

    • NEO420 Shops - merchandise, products, and other items to support the NEO420 movement

    • NEO420 Talks - "talking all things cannabis & hemp, plus some other stuff"

  • Honu Oregon - licensed edible production in Oregon (SOLD)

  • Honu Alaska - licensed edible production in Alaska (SOLD)



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