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Our Cannabinoid Therapy bottles. Help charitable organization do more!

Hemp flower derived formula, all natural

As an Impact Holding Company, 4E looks to make positive impacts while giving back. Look at the simple way you, and your business can help others.

The hemp oil interest has continued since 2018. And we have great experience with every aspect of the industry. Custom made formula has been created to support 4E Cares work with local nonprofit V For Victory Organization,

(image of Cannabinoid Therapy bottles)

How can you help?

Your purchase of a bottle equals one being given away to V For Victory Organization deployment of the Healing With Hemp Campaign.

The bottles are available to individuals, and businesses to resell or provide to your employees to help them.

Partner With Us

We need thousands of individuals and hundreds of businesses to partner with us in developing the overall potential to support V For Victory Organization. As stated above, for every one purchase one is given away. So imagine what we can do as a unified effort.

The cost is actually an investment in others as we have the production ready to deliver to our partners so you get them to your customers, get the name out of the organization, and ultimately help get bottles into hands of Veterans and Their Families.

Contact Us today so we can discuss partnering on this important mission.


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