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i3 success. More unique ideas incubated. Now is the time

The 4E Enterprise internal incubator of ideas has been on a role. See what I mean below.

4E Owners have been ahead of the curve for decades. Much of the early days was "giving away" ideas, time, and resources to others, well, those days are over!

i3 Timeline

The first blog post referencing i3 was July 27th 2022, but this was not the beginning. As you can read in that blog post, I shared some of what I and the team here have worked on in the past. The intent was to provide details of where we came from, as that may give a glimpse of where we are going. When you consider the projects shared on the i3 webpage, it can start to make sense.


Over the last year and some change, i3 has made some major progress. Here are some examples of what we have achieved.

- hemp fiber based manufactured products

- custom men's underwear

- VR integration into new industry

There are more successes, but I'll keep those to share for later. Have you seen the ones listed? 4E Distribution is the place to see the hemp fiber based manufactured products. The custom men's underwear are private now as we are looking for partner to dominate the market. Want to know more? Contact us. The VR development we worked through with Neo Media Group has sooo much potential. I wish I could share more, but gotta wait. You media tycoons should get in touch as we have what you need, and you have what we need. Time to collaborate!

Ideas for years

Our team at i3 has "Ideas for Years". Literally! We are an innovative group that pulls from many experiences, and we have ideas like you wouldn't believe. The incubator has over $700M of projects in que now.

If you need some fresh brains on your project, we can consult to you.

i3 is ready, and seeks partners

We have been hard at it, and now we are ready to move forward. Manufacturing partners, investors, and fund managers are encouraged to contact us as we have developed lots of value. The question we ask, "who is going to be along for the ride?"

The time is now to schedule with us and discuss how we can develop this rich vault of ideas into value for all involved. We are sitting on value that is what legacies are built on. Let's build this together!




Check out open innovation as more companies are working with external partners.



🤔 Interesting work you have in development 4E. Look forward to what you share next.

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