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Our Hemp Fiber supply now 3x larger. Ready for your business!

We wanted to provide a couple noteworthy updates regarding our interest in becoming a trusted raw material supplier to your businesses.

Increased Capacity

We have established two new contracted supply chain partners to increase our capacity significantly! This expands our supply capabilities while also giving us more long term access.

USA Grown

The new supply chain partners are US based, on the east and west coasts. Our raw materials and consumer products are a truly sustainable collaboration.

We now have USA Grown and Canadian Grown hemp working together to supply our all natural eco-friendly innovative products and raw materials. BIG Win!

In Closing

We are excited to build strategic relationships to keep your business ahead of competitors in this emerging market of hemp fiber based products. The swell of interest from consumers continues.

We continue to show our commitment to secure supply for this evolving niche market.

I welcome the opportunity to begin discussions on how we can meet your needs, while growing with your successes.

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