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Our Cannabinoid Therapy bottles. A win win!

4E Distribution has been on a mission to deploy the custom hemp flower derived Cannabinoid Therapy bottles to those seeking alternatives to prescriptions.

We have been involved extensively in the evolving hemp industry since 2018. This is allowed us to deliver quality products instead of inferior ones that saturate the online world today. They are even in big box stores "giving us that do it right a bad name".

Before I go any further, I need to disclose I am not a doctor. The words here are only an opinion from someone who has studied the plant, the extracts, and the formulations of hundreds of hemp derived products over the last five years with some of the best people available.

Why knowing the source is critical

When you are browsing the internet, and find a pop up ad for a great "cbd" product or "hemp oil" beware! Those products are likely generic filled with stuff you do not want. Well at least it is not what is advertised.

Hemp oil from seed

When hemp oil became a household term in 2018 and 2019, people starting really looking into it. The term "hemp oil" became one of the most searched terms on any search engine. And the wrong characters saw that trend, and started marketing their junk all over the internet, to your phone, and in your mailbox.

The reality is majority of the cheap hemp oil in the market today is derived from hemp seed, not hemp flower or hemp biomass. The hemp seed does nothing for you. It is good for cooking and for topical use with or as lotion. It does not have the beneficial as does the oil extract gathered when raw ingredient is hemp flower or hemp biomass.

Cbd oil

Another general misconception is that "cbd oil" or "cbd" (cannabidiol) is all equal. This is not the truth, and in reality cbd is only one of many cannabinoids available in the hemp plant at harvest. Sure, cbd gets all the current attention, but we think there is a better way to go about getting what you need to help you.

The best cannabidiol to get is obtained from the hemp flower. The flower has maximum cannabinoids available at the peak of maturity of the plant, harvest.

How we do it

Our philosophy is not to take apart the full cannabinoids the hemp plant offers, yet rather allow all of them to flourish as a full pallet of goodness.

We start with hemp flower harvested fresh each season from our partners organic farm. Then we extract the material at optimum conditions with the best systems available at a licensed facility. Next, we "clean it up" to get out the stuff that makes it not hemp. And then we have it available to create consumer products. Get in touch with us for inquiries on this material as we have licensed partners ready to fill your needs.

The custom formula we created for our legacy partner beneficiaries V for Victory Organization have all the good stuff, are compliant to the 0.3% level, manufactured at a GMP facility, and only combined with organic coconut oil. The combination helps with bioavailability (body use it) and is all natural. And each 350mg bottles has the amount stated. It does not cheat you like a recent study showed 80% in the market do.

360WIN. Get involved.

I encourage you to look at our Good4ya Products page to learn more about the great products that you can get, and with your purchase of one of the Cannabinoid Therapy bottles we give one away to V for Victory Organization to deploy.

This is what Good Business to Support A Good Cause Looks Like In Action.

4E does more than just talk, we do what we say we are about.

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12 jan.
Betygsatt till 5 av 5 stjärnor.

I have used your hemp oil Cannabinoid Therapy bottles for almost a year, and it is the best thing for all my issues. Thanks for putting together a pure formula.


12 jan.
Betygsatt till 5 av 5 stjärnor.

This is the first article I have read online that explains the real differences between the hemp oils. Thank you 4E


27 dec. 2023
Betygsatt till 5 av 5 stjärnor.

Thank you for explaining the difference between the hemp oils. I did not know. And now I will share with my friends to get some of yours 😉

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