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Making Positive Impacts thru business. And 4E supports of a nonprofit. Get in touch today!

Making Positive Impacts thru business. And 4E supports of a nonprofit. Get in touch today!
Answering service

4E is ahead of it's time! We have been building a foundation of ideas and innovation, for over a decade.

Anyone who has received 4E services, bought products, or engaged in exploratory discussions notices immediately that there is a vast knowledge base and experience to back up the passion. It has been a life long in the making and 4E is excited about the next steps.

Let's discuss what 4E is doing today.

4E Consulting

Offering comprehensive business services to start ups and existing companies. The services are robust with focus on: business development, business plans, strategic planning, operations, bookkeeping, recruiting talent, procurement, marketing, and appropriate technology selection.

We have some availability on our current calendar so click here to contact us and make an appointment to discuss your needs.

4E Distribution

Supplying Good4ya Product lines "Good for you, and the environment around you". The two products lines are all natural products, three or fewer ingredients, USA Made, and sales support a local nonprofit organization.

4E can supply your family, your business, and your organization with large or small orders direct to you as well as wholesale opportunities are available for resell. Please click here to view the current offerings and get in touch with us for your orders.

NMG (Neo Media Group)

Creative services offered to those who need a little help in making it what you want or need. The services include: logo creation, branding, website creation, videography, and photography.

Get in touch to make an appointment today.


Looking to innovate? Need some R&D conducted for an idea you have? Need a prototype made?

We can help with many aspects of developing a new idea and make it reality. The first step is to schedule time with us, so do that here.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping to add value in the best way possible. And know that all the business we build will support the non profit V for Victory Organization.

Best regards,


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