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To ALL the Veterans and Their Families, from US


The Team here at 4E Enterprise would like to say HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts go out to ALL the Veterans and Their Families that served US

4E Enterprise is an Impact Holding Company, and we support V For Victory Organization where they claim "EVERYDAY is Veterans Day". The volunteers at V for Victory Organization decided one day a year is not enough to appreciate our Veterans and Their Families, so they organized the nonprofit in Oregon in November 2021. Please read their recent blog post and join their email list to get involved.

Thank You Veterans And Your Families

The United States Constitutional Republic has been protected by our Veterans. The Veterans Families serve the Veterans in a number of ways, and we say THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.

Say Thank You

We want to encourage everyone to say "Thank You" to Veterans and Their Families each time you can. As a civilian, you can reach out to them, say hi, and be in their lives. Get involved with a nonprofit organization that serves Our Veteran Community. There are 24 million Veterans in our country, and we need to take care of them. And Their Families!!!

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