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Benefits of using our bulk hemp fiber for animals bedding.

The best care for your valuable animals, and owners.

(Equine standing in hemp fiber bedding)

Since we began marketing our bulk hemp fibers for animal bedding, people regularly ask us "what are the benefits of using hemp fibers for bedding?" Today, we are going to offer some insight to the benefits of using hemp fiber bedding for your valued animals.

Benefit #1 - Superior Health

The multi-screen process used to create our hemp fiber for bedding is exceptional in creating a "clean" product superior to any traditional product in the market. We take care in preparing our hemp fiber bulk products as we know the importance of a dust-free product with no chemicals, phenols, or fillers. It is the best for animals, and for the owners.

Benefit #2 - Eco Friendly

The hemp fiber is the most sustainable product for your animals. It is 100% biodegradable and compostable since it is all natural. And if you are interested in sustainable products, this is the most sustainable product as defined by EPA Standards.

"Reduce toxic chemicals and environmental impacts throughout the material life cycle." –

Benefit #3 - Easy Clean-Up

As one of the most diverse natural fibers in the world, our hemp fiber absorbs and holds onto messes and odors like nothing else. It holds many times it's weight in moisture while neutralizing the smells with natural characteristics.

Benefit #4 - Comfortable

Our manufacturing operation is designed to make the best out of hemp fiber with the multi screening process and controls. The result is a consistently sized material that the animal appreciates. It is warm for the animal while making the animal feel secure. "Comfort is key" and that is what we have to offer your valuable animals.

Receive the Benefits of our efforts

4E Distribution offers one of the most robust manufacturing operations in North America creating all natural, eco-friendly, and innovative products from the dynamic hemp plant fiber. When others saw waste, we saw an invaluable resource that is now available to improve animal health while making the owners happy.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your interest and needs. We have commercial scale ready to grow with your needs and are able to deliver anywhere in US and internationally.


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Jan 12

Great information! I will be talking to some people I know about this as they have lots of valuable horses. Be in touch soon


Oct 19, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I am so impressed by the dedication of 4E and it's partners to bring hemp derived products to the world! Good job! I am going to spread the word here in Illinois.

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