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Taking Care of Your Valuable Plants!

Our Grow Cubes/Blocks/Slabs & Weed Suppression Mats.

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If you have been tracking the progress of 4E Distribution products, you will know that we are "Taking Care of Your Valuable Plants". From start to finish, we have your plant's best interest in mind. And since our products are all natural you can compost after use, so we have the planet's best interest in mind as well. #hempdoestheplanetgood

(image of our 1.5" hemp fiber grow cube)

We have been committed to true sustainable developments for almost two decades, and this continues with the 4E Distribution offering of all natural hemp fiber based products for your agriculture needs, and so much more.

Growing With Hemp Fiber

Our hemp fiber based growing products are superior to traditional products in a number of ways. I encourage you to read the descriptions under each here. I am sure you will learn more than most information sources. And we are glad to provide this educational feature on our website as this new product gets out to you.

The most obvious benefit is the products are manufactured from end of life source hemp stalks and stems. The natural characteristics (antibacterial antifungal antimicrobial) of hemp fiber are SO beneficial to plants, the soil, and overall environment.

Time to Use Them

For years people and businesses have dreamed of using hemp based products, well now the time is here! Like any new innovation, the real impact is going to be seen when retail businesses offer this to the public and when commercial operations begin to use this great products.

You say you want to be more sustainable, here is the opportunity.

You say you want to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, here is the opportunity.

We have done the heavy lifting in getting these products available on a commercial scale, and now we need your help in getting them out to the masses. Imagine how much better...

Get in touch with 4E Distribution today.

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