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Microgreen mats. And other great all natural sustainable fiber made products.

Wholesalers, Retailers, Commercial Accounts, and Enterprise Companies

4E has been on a mission for years, I mean years. Back in 1999 the vision was cast to develop a company that does good business, and gives back. And now after decades in the making the vision has came into sight.

(Our Micro Greens Growing Mats in action)

The 4E Distribution commitment to all natural eco-friendly innovative products has been our goal, and today we are proud to offer an entire line of products. We have the industrial hemp fiber in bulk for animal bedding, as well as for hempcrete production, and we have a number of manufactured products like Our Micro Greens Mats you see here. We are ready to deliver pallets, half truckloads, truckloads, and follow up with more!

We Have The Products

The work us and our manufacturing partners have done is remarkable. Not to toot our own horns, just saying that the investment of time, money, resources, and manpower has been significant. The world has talked about "hemp fiber products" for years, and now we have them ready!

Now Time For You To Use

We have done the heavy lifting! Now time for your to use them!

The operations are on commercial scale and ready to ship direct to your business or farm or nursery operation. Let us work together to get these fantastic products out in use for a better outcome.

Get in touch with the team at 4E Distribution today to learn more about the products, and order as we are here to support your success! The link is there to the contact page, and here is direct email for you to reach out to us

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Jun 07
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Cool! Didn't know you offered that product. I will be in touch. Thanks again for your commitment to all natural products! Luv it!

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