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i3 Incubator. Looking for those Open Innovation receptive companies

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As the i3 Incubator begins to push out IP, we look to develop relationships with those companies who are receptive to Open Innovation.

The team involved with i3 has been ahead of the curve for decades! No exaggeration, decades!

Now, we are right ahead of the curve, positioned perfectly, and now to build our long term partners network.

Open Innovation

We seek those companies who are friendly to the premise, and are ready to engage with our incubator to explore ways to bring our ideas, our IP, and our knowhow, to the world!

This Is Our First

Many of you who know us, have known about the ideas percolating at i3. They are complete, and ready to move forward.

This is our first public announcement about the progress of i3, so stay tuned as this is about to get real fun!!!


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