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i3 is pushing the envelop! Interested? Get in touch

Link to i3 is provided below.

"We have to keep so close lipped", is what we like to say around the office. And it is for just cause as i3, our internal incubator, has been on a role.

For you innovators out there, you know what we are talking about when we say that IP is everything! Anyone can come up with an idea, but do you offer a solution. i3 can say an emphatic YES!!!

Check it out

The teases we post are purely to gain interest, to test. What does the market say? This is key with evaluating an idea, or solution that you want to bring to market.

I can say that everyone that sees what we are doing, is excited, and given their blessings. To see what they are talking about visit i3 webpage on our main site.

Time is now

We have been incubating ideas and solutions for years. It is time to bring some of our newest ideas to the world. Are you ready?


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