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4E Consulting & Coaching services available to startups, mid size companies, and large corporations.

4E Consulting & Coaching services available to startups, mid size companies, and large corporations.
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The business know how with 4E Consulting & Coaching is robust! During the two plus decades of professional work our consultants have provided, we create value for our clients every time!

There is value is doing something, instead of just reading about it or hearing others experience. Our consultants have real life experience doing. This is a main way we stand out from other consultants as we have the experience to back up what we say.

In order to add value to our clients, we continue to stay researched on the newest business models, newest innovative techniques, and strategies that work. And we listen. We spend more time than most in data gathering to gain an understanding of what the client needs, then we define a solution.

The phase of business you are in often determines the areas of consultation and coaching that is needed. Here are a couple of examples that we have provided for different sized companies this year.

  1. Startup - 4E Consulting defined a 1, 2, and 3 year road map for the owner to help keep moving toward their goals. We are engaged on monthly review with client to confirm they are sticking to the road.

  2. Mid Sized Business - 4E provided Coaching services to the management team in support of the COO. This work really helped improve the morale of the business and we scheduled to provide ongoing Coaching services as the business grows.

  3. Large corporation - 4E Consulting developed SOPS with department supervisors to streamline the process and create a lean manufacturing process. This was done in advance of relocation of the business to a new operations facility.

4E is happy to continue to offer Consulting and Coaching to clients in person, remotely, and ongoing. Please reach out to us to schedule time to discuss your business needs and how 4E can get you on the right track.

We look forward to what solutions 4E will provide moving into the future. Our biggest motivation is making sure your business is a success!!!

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Mar 30, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

We were / are clients of 4E Consulting, and can not thank the team enough of how they helped us clean up our business ops! Hire 4E Consulting as they know what they are talking about, and care!!!

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