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Our Products & Services SOLVE the waste problem

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Not to toot our own horn, but the fact is that we have been studying the "waste" problem for decades. And the fact is that when we organized 4E Enterprises, a major driver was to bring forward better options. Below are a couple examples. Get in touch to discuss partnering and more.

4E Consulting Solutions

The team at 4E Consulting has examined the root cause of waste, and find it to be inadequate raw material. Not the abundance of it. In reality, waste material can be our resource, if we design the upstream product manufacturing to be more natural and less synthetic.

The focus on the manufacturing processes has been extensive, still showing lots of room to improve, yet there are continually synthetic materials being produced for one time use and then landfilled. The materials we "work with" should be more natural so the end of use allows for the diversion to a value added, not a mountain of junk.

We have recently posted about our current focus on dairy farms waste management. View our blog previous posts to read more details. The goal with the two locations identified is to create a model of true sustainability with all the appropriate designs considered for an optimal operation. Get in touch with us to discuss these opportunities.

Additional Solutions

4E Distribution and i3 worked for years to bring hemp fiber based products forward. And with 4E Consulting collaboration, now have manufacturing partners Terrafibre. Together, we are disrupting the endless waste generated out of agriculture operations, construction sites, livestock management, and home gardening. Look at our products page to get familiar with what I am describing. These products are all compostable at end of use so that removes the need to landfill. Simply deliver them to your local compost operation or construction and demolition processing facility to be made into another product such as mulch or others. This is major improvement from traditional operations and waste generation.

4E Distribution also offers all natural cleaning and disinfectants that contain no alcohol or bleach. The 275 gal tote we offer can be used on sight, refill bottles at operations, and used at any area of operations as it is safe for people, pets, and plants. In fact it helps plants live better.

Get in touch with 4E Distribution today for these all natural eco-friendly innovative products.

In Closing

As you see with the above examples, 4E is offering SOLUTIONS not just talk. There is much more to do, and with the right partners we can bring the solutions. We are open to collaborate so reach out and see what we can do.


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Jan 12
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Impressive!!! The details you provide make so much sense. 4E should be working with every town, community, city, and state on long term swm planning.


Nov 17, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Excellent perspective. Definitely want to do some business 👍🏽

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