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i3 is making contact to bring new products to the world

Ideas. Horizon. i3 Innovative Internal Incubator

If you know the life story of Thomas Edison, you will appreciate the path of i3. There are days of extensive thought provoking pen to paper. The nights are at times sleepless because the complete idea will not yet show itself. And then, it changes.

It has been a "life of experiences" spanning over thirty years that has brought us to this moment. And I am not exaggerating a bit. There is a Master Journal that has ideas from thirty years ago. Now, those ideas are beginning to tape shape.

Anytime you start down a new path, there is a lot to learn. One of the best bits of information to learn is who is already doing it. The person that took time to design the wheel of a car had the details and vision of what it should do, and how to build it. We look at the wheel to simply appreciate it is a part of the overall machine. Well, we should appreciate the wheel as it took that inventor many steps to bring the invention to the world. You know why, because it is not just about the invention, it is also about who can build it. i3 is at that point right now. The ideas, we have in spades. Now the question is who will we work with in moving the ideas to product.

i3 has made great strides toward this question. It is the final phase of product development, which is manufacture it. The team has taken extensive time in researching who is out there to do the service needed. There is now a list of fifty plus companies that i3 will be contacting to discuss the final step. Some contacts have already been made, and interest is shown. We are excited to move forward!

We encourage those with interest in investing or potentially partnering to get in touch with us as there is path being laid right now, that is sure to lead to fortunes for those involved. You have read about some of our past developments, you do not want to miss what is in the pipeline today.

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Mar 30, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

After reviewing previous innovations your team has been a part of, I can hardly wait to see what is next!!! I'll be keeping an eye out 😉

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