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4E Portfolio Businesses is ready for growth!

Contact us to learn more. And how we can do business

Good day to everyone! Hope you all are doing well today!

We are excited to share with you that our Impact Holding Company has reached a milestone, and will be further developing our portfolio businesses.

We have been on a mission since 2017 to build a business portfolio we can be happy with, proud to be a part of and represent, expand when ready, and increase value over time.

Our Portfolio Businesses

As you see with our portfolio businesses we have succeeded in our initial goals, and now we are ready to grow these assets.

Here is a recap of our portfolio businesses.

  1. 4E Distribution - niche distribution of all natural eco-friendly innovative products from us and our manufacturing partners offering B2B with wholesalers, retailers, and commercial accounts. Working on D2C.

  2. 4E Consulting & Coaching - business services+ to individuals and businesses by providing our executive level experience to those who seek a professional eye.

  3. Neo Media Group - content production, marketing, and sales of our original productions in both the digital and physical space.

  4. i3 Incubator - commercializing innovative ideas with IP and building partnerships with investors and open innovation minds so the IP can reach the world.

Business Partners

As we continue to build the portfolio businesses, we want to say thank you to all our business partners.

We are always looking for solid business relationships with partners who share in the vision, and want to be a part of what we are doing as there is tremendous value in our portfolio. We have huge upside potentials! And now you can be a part of it!

Get in touch with us to learn more about opportunities that we have available.

Until then, have a great day!


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