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4E Distribution now offering all natural eco-friendly hemp fiber based products.

(Image of Hemp Fiber Grow Cube at an grow operation)

Hemp Fiber Grow Cube
Hemp Fiber Grow Cube

4E Distribution is excited to announce the US Distribution partnership with Terrafibre to bring their innovative eco-friendly hemp fiber products to US markets.

It has been years in the making, and now it is a reality!

4E Distribution Sustainable Products

After years of R&D, networking, and conceptualizing, 4E is bringing hemp fiber based products to the world! We are honored to partner with the innovators and manufacturers at Terrafibre in developing these great products for the US market(s), and beyond.

Get in Touch Today

We have developed some information pages on our website to showcase these truly sustainable products, and you can review them by clicking here.

Commercial accounts, wholesalers, and retailers, we are ready to diversify your sustainable product offerings for your customers.

Get in touch with us today to learn more, and order. You will feel good about it!

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