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4E Consulting. Sustainable SWM + Energy development.

4E Consulting has vast experience in many business industries. Sustainable Energy development has been a focal point since early 2000's.

Landfill management, what does that mean?

Forward thinking solutions.

4E Consulting looks at landfill management as two base words "land" and "management". The goal is not to 'fill' up the land with valuable resources, rather the goal is to procure the valuable resources from the waste stream while finding solutions for the difficult items.

I recall a waste characterization study we were a part of in the early 2000's in Atlanta where we discovered that waste was being hauled to landfills south of the city to dispose at $45 per ton. The same ton of material being buried at the landfill had a cumulative value of $275 per ton. WHAT??? You mean value is literally being buried! Yes is the simple answer.

We developed a comprehensive strategy to "harvest" the waste stream for value, and direct the organic material into advanced systems to produce utilities. Heat, steam, electricity for the grid, and even the potential of Drop-In Biofuels. The technology, Fischer-Tropsch process, is an advanced mature usable technology proven for years. And there are many more ways to achieve same or similar results: gasification, anaerobic digestion, and even polymers back to original oil state.

Results of Sustainable SWM

When solid waste is managed correctly, the benefits are vast. There are the precious metals recovered for use in manufacturing of new products. As mentioned above, there are the benefits of "Organics to Utilities". And the result of the organics resource management is valuable compost or biochar, depending on the technology implementation. Biochar is a building block of the soil with it's rich nitrogen composition to enrich the land to grow more nutrient dense foods for us, and for animals. This all is a major offset of the current ways of contaminating land and streams with runoff from all the waste buried in our communities.

4E Consulting sees a better future ahead, where technologies development meet the desire to be better managers of our waste. It NOT waste, it is resources! Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help achieve a better resource management for the future.


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Jan 12

4E Consulting has a great vision of what can be done with the ongoing waste problem. I like you state on your website "waste is not a problem but a resource."


Sep 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Brilliant vision of solving waste problems. Our company will reach out to discuss further.

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