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Ordering Products

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How To

We value your business and your privacy. We are committed to offer the best ordering process that keeps your transaction secure while being easy to complete.


1) Decide what products you are interested in.

2) Decide the quantity of each product you want. 

3) Contact us with your order details.  Or questions.

4) Once we receive your order details, we will review, and respond.

5) We will ask for your shipping details.

6) Next we create a custom quote for you.

7) Once you approve the quote, we email you a digital invoice.

8) You pay the invoice with debit or credit card. 

9) Then you receive a confirmation email.

10) Lastly, you are provided the shipping details within 24 hours with ETA. 


Wholesale, Retail, Commercial Accounts, and Enterprise Companies


Contact Us and we can get you what you need. 

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