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About Me.

"Blessed by the Best"!

And to have grown up on a small farm in Blueridge Mountains of north Georgia, surrounded by woodlands creeks lakes and other small farms, where the people were even better, I am eternally grateful!


Growing Up

Our family was special as we had so many interests and likes that it blended into a mix of almost everything.  One set of my grandparents as neighbors, and the other neighbor a Christian preacher beekeeper. The only things separating our properties were gardens, apple orchards, and free range roaming chickens. My dad taught me carpentry, gardening, raising livestock, and many other skills while he supervised departments of a large private community, which taught me so much related to "scale of work". He also taught me the importance of how to make time to enjoy life, with family trips to family in Texas, large mouth bass fishing and cooking barbeque or some other southern foods on the weekends with friends. Granddad was a retired Army Corp Engineer, taught me gardening and the value of planning. 

Business Minded

My brother was the first entrepreneur I knew, as he bought cars and resold them. It encouraged me to start my own grass cutting service for people in the community, and then reinvest my earnings into buying/selling cars with my brother. I actually learned many family members were / are entrepreneurs. My grandmother had her own fresh fish market, and a glass recycling purchase business in the late 1970s. Dad made address signs for others in his wood working shop, and marketed his "side hustle" service. The first had experiences with entrepreneurship opened my eyes to potentials rubbing off on me as I have been working for myself in some way every since. 

Coming out of university 2000, I saw the green revolution happening. And I felt a little ahead of the curve already as I grew up on sustainable projects, and knew about recycling and compost. So I started a recycling business. It grew into a curbside business operating the collection vehicles off used cooking oil (UCO) years prior to biodiesel being a thing. Working with individuals, schools, communities, and regional partners. Chosen as local chamber of commerce spotlight business which opened doors to major mentors from some of the largest companies in industry. Got invited to some exclusive events as a participant and observer, seeing how big business worked. I was at the Southeast Bioenergy meetings when ethanol got approved at the pumps. I was a "NO" vote. In the mid 2000s had the opportunity to work with four years one of the scientist who developed the EV1. Had a business partner from a large financial institution who introduced me to large funding sources for utility scale projects. We developed PPP Agreements with municipalities, utility cooperatives, and large manufactures. Then in the 2010s managing six hundred tons of waste per day, creating process ops to pull organic fractions for processing, and offtake agreements for commodities and material with a 75% reduction from inbound material. Continued study of markets, what is happening in tech, and the boom of alternative crops begin to get attention. 2017 was a new opportunity in equipment development and sales in new markets of agribusiness. This allowed in depth study of bigger opportunities seen, but not yet realized. 2019 became big year as robust research into plant genetics, cultivation and harvest techniques, as well as drying facilities. Then GMP and cGMP facilities to manage material flow to markets. The regulatory framework, federal, state by state, and the ordinances within small towns. As you see, the vast experience in many areas. All are a blessing. 

The reality is I know the excitement of coming up with a new business idea. I know the stomach trembles when walking into a meeting with a potential investor. I know the 5am meetings with ownership and management to make decisions for the next year. I know the battles of success, and the tears of failure. With over two decades of professional business career I have seen most of all you can imagine. I say this as I was coming out of middle school right when computers starting being used, and continue to stay up to date today with the ever evolving business landscape.  

The life experiences, the business experiences, that I have been able to have are the deposits that I keep adding to daily. I live with passion. And I am excited about the days ahead.

Statement of Faith

I am a Christian, born again to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. This is something I share openly as I know He can do for you, what He has done for me. Get to know Jesus Christ, He will change your life!



Valdosta State University

Studied basic core classes while exploring the south Georgia countryside, and learning the first time about agronomics from a friend whose family owned a large farm operation with rotational crops and beef cattle. 


Kennesaw State University

Focused studies on business management, accounting, finance, and other sessions with the surrounding business community of Atlanta north all the way to Dalton.


Coles Business College KSU

Continued my education through Coles Business College with focus on Business Integration Systems study. I learned how to analyze information in a way that established efficiencies unseen with traditional methods. 





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