Hemp industry moving forward...

Over one year again, I like so many, began really looking at what can be done with hemp. The plant has been forgotten for a long time, and now it's garnering attention.

The hemp plant is defined by having a 0.3% THC level or lower. The plant is comprised of terpenes that give it the smell, and cannabinoids that provide the affect. These characteristics are important as we the consumers are interested.

The medicinal benefits of hemp have been well documented back to the "ole medicine man" days. There were creams, drinks, and other consumables that were said to help with ailments. Today, these same benefits are being marketed to people as supplements to replace pharma. The days of the medicine cabinet are coming to an end. THE PLANT is going to replace it all!

Then there is the industrial uses hemp can be used. These include: textiles, clothing, consumable product packaging, and animal feed. Remember that hemp was a crop the US government paid farmers to grow so the military would have textiles for boats, uniforms, and ropes. One use packaging is the old way as people are understanding that what they use should not create a waste because of the products packaging. Hemp allows packaging to be created that is biodegradable which helps minimize waste footprint long term. Regarding animal feed, hemp can provide a safe alternative to hormones as initial research (article for reference) shows major benefits to animals when given hemp as part of their feeding.

This is all exciting stuff! The future with hemp, is a bright one. Thanks to the one spot for cannabis and hemp news NEO420 for all it's doing to bring the information to the people.

More blogs to come in the near future.

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