Opioid addition helped by mmj

The last decade has seen a tremendous increase in the amount of opioid related deaths in the US and around the world. Some have speculated on how this is possible with the military presence on the borders, and so much security globally. The answer is simple honestly...the increase is because script writing doctors have written more prescriptions that include opioids than ever before. As seen in this article from the NY Times, Medicare is cracking down on this now before it gets any worse.


This headline story on NEO420 News (https://mjbizdaily.com/chart-medical-cannabis-as-alternative-to-opioids-could-give-illinois-mmj-program-a-massive-boost/) talks about what Illinois is doing to combat this major problem. Illinois is allowing their medical marijuana program to include opioid addicts who need medicine to get them off the terrible opioid drug.

Read this story and more great cannabis & hemp related news at NEO420 News

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