What's love got to do with it?

"What's love got to do with it?" I know it's a memorable 80s song, I am meaning more though!

When we consider ALL the documentation, research, testimonials, and personal experience with cannabis, how can anyone say that it doesn't help. Or it doesn't have benefits.

Our culture values the opinion of companies over patients and now the US government, via AG Sessions, says that they know better than you do! They know what's right for you, for society, so why? It's not because they love us. It's not because they want what's best for us. It is because there's "no love".

When I was seriously injured, my friends from Mt Hood said come out and we will help to get you better. I came out, they provided me RSO, I got off the multiple meds, and now I'm better! THAT'S LOVE!

So I ask, "what's love got to do with it?"

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