Equipment's a couple ideas

You have been thinking of participating in the cannabis industry, yet you don't know how to get the equipment needed for your licensed grow. Consider this idea.

Find a finance company that will hold the equipment on paper during the term you can afford to payback the amount used to purchase the equipment. This will have to be a private lender, most likely, as you can't loan against cannabis assets in traditional banking. Not yet anyway.

Use real estate to collateralize a loan or line of credit with a traditional bank, and you're set. Make sure the real estate is NOT part of the operations facility. It should be completely separate. Use the loan or line of credit (LOC) to purchase the equipment, let the bank hold the paper on the real estate, and pay the monthly payments. When paid off, the bank releases the real estate, and you continue to be successful!

These are two ways to get what equipment you need to operate your cannabis business.

States UNITE!!!

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