Attorney General Sessions, come on...seriously!

A couple days ago, Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions came out with strong statement of opposition to state cannabis programs. And let me tell you, the entire C industry stood up and fought back!

The governors, mayors, and legislators from Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and California all made public states that they individually, and jointly, would answer this statement by Session and defend their states citizens votes. Who would have ever thought this is the drug war we would be fighting in 2018.

The feud between federal and state governments dates back to the establishment of the United States. The fight between federal and state governments concerning cannabis dates back to 1933, then 1960's, then 1970's, and again almost forty years later. Does this tell you anything? Well, it should! The states citizens vote a certain way from their states' rights, and next thing you know, the federal government puts their hands in it.

Keep UNITED States!!! We are behind you ALL!!!

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