"C" Industry events...

The "C" Industry is developing a major stake in the economics of states as well as health care for patients. This diverse impact has touch so many, and has so many interested parties, that events are popping up every single month. These events range from business to business (B2B) to business to consumer (B2C). And there are just events for supporters of the industry, to which you have public consumption options.

All of the interest in the "C" Industry is pushing the boundaries of how promoters host events. There are no real guidelines besides local municipal event permits. Some neighborhoods are more likely to allow these events to occur. We attended the Chalice event in Victorville CA, and it was a mix of B2B during the day, and more of supporters of the industry at night. There were known music performers, food carts, and plenty of medicine to go around ;-)

I recommend checking a "C" Industry event out if it's happening in your area.

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