Real estate in cannabis

When you analyze real estate deals within the cannabis space, you have to consider more than location. The rule of real estate in a traditional since is "location, location, location", yet location is one of many factors in deciding to pull the trigger on a real estate deal.

If you are an outdoor grower/cultivator you want a private piece of land that allows you to operate outside the view of the public for your security and the success of your business. A retail location needs to be in the public area so to be noticed, easy to find, and serve the most customers.

The real estate is one consideration. Then, there is the zoning of the property and does it allow the type of business you want to operate. Then, there's the occupancy allowance of the property from the local municipality. And then, like it Portland, is there a neighborhood group to get approval from.

You begin to see real quickly that there is so much more to do than just say, "I like that real estate". Think very long, do lots of research, and make a good decision when dealing with real estate for your cannabis business.

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