Outdoor vs- Indoor...what to do

There is a continued debate to which is the best way to cultivate cannabis, and I say ALL of them have their place.

Many ole school growers believe that you can only achieve top shelf cannabis flower by growing out in the natural sun. The rational is that nothing will provide for a plant like Mother Nature. And there is merit to that line of thought. I'm not sure it's completely true though. I love good outdoor cannabis as much as anyone else.

The new techniques of indoor cultivation are more and more replicating what Mother Nature offers. The lights are adjustable time and energy output similar to sunrise and sunset. The ac units are more energy efficient and the water systems are exact.

The results of indoor cultivation is driving the THC numbers through the clouds, while the outdoor growers are getting great weight. It's ALL good cannabis! Decide on your own the next time you smoke a bowl ;-)

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