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i3 is developing something special!

4E - i3 Incubator

Years of being an athlete, being around athletes, and considering what we would improve regarding comfort, performance, and style has led us on this journey to development.

The team here at i3 has been on a mission to innovate the apparel world with something unique and comfy! And by George, I think we have it!

So What Is It?

We can not get into too many specifics, yet, but we can share that it has combined our knack for innovating and our passion for doing in a truly sustainable way.

I can assure you that is will WOW you! And you can barely see it even when you wear it.

Encourage You To Stay Tuned

We are wrapping up some very important steps now, and hope to bring you full details in the first quarter of 2024.

We think this is going to make a big splash! We just don't know how big.

Thank you to the team at i3, our advisors, and our partners in making this idea a reality!

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