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Creating Value, and Doing Good.

Creating Value, and Doing Good.
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At the beginning of the day, there is so much potential!

You do not know exactly what will come of it, yet you continue.

In business, there are phases of development to achieve success. For example, I recently met a man who started in his line of work sixty years before he got to the point of creating what he felt is success. The reason is because he was looking beyond a job, he was leaving a legacy. We feel the same way here at 4E Enterprise.

One of our 2023 New Years Resolutions is to communicate thru this blog more frequently. We have so much going on that it has taken a back seat when we know it is important. For one, we want to share. We want you to know what we are up to as well. We want to encourage those business owners out there to keep it up.

If you need some additional eyes on, we are here. Get in touch with us at 4E Consulting as we can help! We have a lot of experience in many facets of business in all size businesses. Our difference is we are not the big ticket some consulting firms may be as we are humble, eager, and want to engage with as many businesses as we can. The experience and network will ultimately help everyone. That is part of our goal as being an Impact company. We care as much about you as we do the bottom line.

Regarding the bottom line, we are excited to share that we have developed an impressive i3 projects list with some innovations and disruptors. The current phase of development we are in is where we are writing proposals. These are business proposals to discuss with potential partners and investors, as well as marketing proposals to help get the word out about the inventions. We are engaging with partners and investors now so get in touch as you will want to be a part of this for sure. The value proposition is exceptional. The team is motivated, and ready to go!

In additional to the exciting news with i3, the 4E Distribution is making moves as well. The Good4ya Products are being well received with appreciation. The hemp derived Cannabinoid Therapy bottles are top quality, all natural, and easy to use. The OMRI Certified Clean Republic cleaning and disinfecting products are allowing people to breath clean air. Again, all natural, GMP manufactured, USA made, and your purchase supports V for Victory Organization, a Veteran non profit 4E is Legacy Partners. You can not get more 360WIN than this! Please look at the products, give them and try, and when you get them to feel the difference become a monthly buyer. The purchases are sent directly to you, payment with secure portal, and our ordering process protects your security. We look forward to your order today!

The last thing I will share with you today is Neo Media Group has two updates. One is we can now offer expert web development and creative services. Get in touch to know more. The second is that we are working on a development to allow purchase of photos, taken by one of our own, and the proceeds support V for Victory Organization.

As you have read, 4E is about doing not just talking. We have experience in the sustainable world before it got popular as we know what to do and how to get it done. We have experience in many levels of business to help in many ways. We have all natural products for you, your family, and your business. We can help you create. So, the question is when are you going to start doing business with 4E and feeling good about what we do together?

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Mar 30, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I love a company that puts its money and heart in the same place! Keep it up 4E!!!

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