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4E Consulting. COWS Act. We have projects identified.

Dairy Industry, what does it mean.

4E Consulting has deep experience and understanding in 'True Sustainability' with this insight to offer on the COWS Act related to the dairy industry and sustainability.


The COWS Act or Converting Our Waste Sustainably (COWS) was recently introduced by by a number of senators. The stated goal to establish a new federal program to improve economic viability and sustainability for dairy and livestock industry. The voluntary program will provide resources to help the dairy and other livestock operations move to alternative manure handling systems to achieve three goals: (1) improve water quality (2) boost profitability by modernizing technologies for manure management (3) improve air quality and foster climate-smart farming by reducing methane emissions.

We are not going to get in detailed with the writing as you are welcome to read it for yourself. There is much more to review, so here is a link to the full COWS Act for your reading. Let us know what you think about this in comments.

Solutions to the problems

The dairy industry has faced a number of big challenges over the recent years: drought, increasing feed cost, labor shortages, a fluctuating milk market, c19 time, and more.

4E Consulting has helped a number of commercial farm operations develop strategic plans of implementation to manage waste and use it as a resource. That is how we look at waste, not as a problem yet as a resource of untapped potential. The solution we develop is how you use the waste to benefit directly to operations.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your dairy farm, chicken farm, swine farm, or other to bring a balance between the waste you produce, and how you manage it. 4E Consulting team has several technologies to offer in developing a plan of solution, then action plan to solve your farm operation challenges.


Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment. We have the experience and expertise in this area to help solve the problems, long term.

We have identified three dairy farms that need new operators, so if you are an investors or operator looking to expand your farm assets, get in touch with us as we are interested in discussing joint venture potentials with these assets.

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Jan 12

This is very interesting. Thank you for sharing this information. If we find any ranchers interested, we will give them you contact info.

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