Gavita Pro Classic Series DE 1000w 277v

LED Fixtures

60w - 680w


Titan Controls Spartan Series Complete Digital Environmental Controller (Temperature, CO2 And Humidity)

CVO Oven : 0.9cf, 1.9cf, 3.4cf, 7.8cf

Part # 5000-0.9, 1.9, 3.4, 7.8


MRX Xtractors CO2 and Ethanol extractors

The ATLAS commercial rotary evaporator with chiller and vacuum pump

Grower Tables - Aluminium

4' x 8'-10' x 30"

Part # GT4x8, Part # GT 4x10

Grow Master 5000


115 Volt, 60Hz, 5.1 Amps, 2.37 L/kwh, 5.0 Pints/kwh, operating range 33? - 110? F. Made in the USA. Warranty: 1 year parts and labor. 5 year compressor and refrigerant system.

-Lumens: 140,000 LM

-Lamp Compatibility: Operates on 1000W Digital and Magnetic ballast 

-Color Temperature: 2,100K

-Base type: Mogul E39 Base

-Color Index: (RA): 20

-Frequency (Hz): 60

-Life Span: 24,000 Hours

-Use: Flowering and Fruiting

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