4E Enterprise is an innovative holding company managing diverse assets in multiple industries.


Assets  include:

  • 4E Consulting LLC - 4E Consulting provides robust consulting services to existing or developing business.  4E Consulting has continuous work with clients in OR, WA, CA, CO, AR, MA, MI, FL, IL, SC, PA, MN, & AK on multiple cannabis & hemp projects ranging from: cGMP facility design services, sops development, office set up, staffing, book-keeping, human resources, genetics/seeds/clones selection, process, products, and equipment for grow operations as well as extraction labs. 

  • NEO HEMP COMPANY (NHC) - Mission is to service 10,000 veterans and others who need access to quality hemp derived products on a consistent basis. The goal is to build a community of health today, for the future. 

  • NEO Media Group - An independent free press content producer of news, information, analysis, interviews, and free speech!                                             ALL things NEO (new)

    • www.NEO420.com

    • NEO420 News - The source for ALL information & news related to cannabis & hemp from trusted sources to 1 page 
    • NEO420 Garden - "Appreciating the finer strainz in life" with great images of our flower & others who are doing it right!

    • NEO420 Shops - Purchase merchandise, products, and other items to support the NEO420 movement

    • NEO420 Talks - This is where we are "talking all things cannabis & hemp, plus some other stuff"

    • NEW digital service company taking clients physical business into the digital world

  • Honu Oregon - licensed edible production in Oregon (SOLD)

  • Honu Alaska - licensed edible production in Alaska (SOLD)


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